Managing the app

Disabling checks

Open the app, click Preferences, and open the Checks tab. Uncheck what you don't need and then click Run Checks in the app.

Reset the license

Go to your browser and enter the below command:


This resets the app. You then need to re-license it (see below).

Re-licensing the app - Personal

Go to the email you received after purchase and click the link in it (the license is encoded in the link). If the link has expired, contact us and we'll send you a new one.

Re-licensing the app - Team

Resend the license by reinviting the person.

Update to pre-release builds

Might have bugs but you'll have the cutting-edge version. 

  • Open Preferences, go to About, and click the logo three times. You'll get a confirmation about new options.
  • Go to General and check Update app to pre-release builds.
  • To revert back to default menu, click the logo three times again.

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