Jamf Pro Integration

Using DMG

When you want to use Fill user templates for deployment.

We first need to create a new Script in Jamf Pro by going to Settings > Computer Management > Scripts. The address should look something like https://niteo.jamfcloud.com/view/settings/computer/scripts

In the General section, give the Script a Display Name, Pareto Security.

In the Script section, paste the following code: 


if [ ! -f /Applications/Pareto\ Security.app/Contents/Info.plist ]; then

echo "Installing Pareto Security!"

tmpdir=$(dirname $(mktemp -u))

curl -fsSL https://paretosecurity.app/download/auditor-zip -O $tmpdir/app.zip

unzip -o $tmpdir/app.zip -d /Applications/

rm -rf $tmpdir

echo "Done installing Pareto Security!"


echo "Pareto security is already installed!"

# If you enable the next line it will also force the update

# open paretosecurity://update


if [ -z "$4" ]; then

echo "Team invite not supplied"


echo "Activating with team invite"

/Applications/Pareto\ Security.app/Contents/MacOS/Pareto\ Security -mdmTeam "$4"


open paretosecurity://open

Use other options at their defaults.


Create a new Policy named Pareto Security. The address should look something like https://niteo.jamfcloud.com/policies.html .

Select the Pareto Security script. We now need to enter the team invite link you got when you invited a user from the Pareto Security dashboard.

That's it. You then apply the Policy the way you would normally.

Using PKG

  1. Download the latest release from https://paretosecurity.app/download/auditor
  2. Before installing, create a file named 'BundledActivation.txt' at the path /Library/Pareto Security/. 
  3. Install Pareto Security with the installer app. 
  4. The file must contain an activation token in the first line, starting with eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJSUzUxMiJ9.

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