Jamf Pro Integration

Using DMG

When you want to use Fill user templates for deployment.

We first need to create a new Script in Jamf Pro by going to Settings > Computer Management > Scripts. The address should look something like https://niteo.jamfcloud.com/view/settings/computer/scripts

In the General section, give the Script a Display Name, Pareto Security.

In the Script section, paste the following code: 


if [ ! -f /Applications/Pareto\ Security.app/Contents/Info.plist ]; then
    echo "Installing Pareto Security!"
    tmpdir=$(dirname $(mktemp -u))
    curl -fsSL https://github.com/ParetoSecurity/pareto-mac/releases/latest/download/ParetoSecurity.zip -O $tmpdir/app.zip
    unzip -o $tmpdir/app.zip -d /Applications/
    rm -rf $tmpdir
    echo "Done installing Pareto Security!"
    echo "Pareto security is already installed!"
    # If you enable the next line it will also force the update
    # open paretosecurity://update

if [ -z "$4" ]; then
    echo "Team invite not supplied"
    echo "Activating with team invite"
    /Applications/Pareto\ Security.app/Contents/MacOS/Pareto\ Security -mdmTeam "$4"

open paretosecurity://open

Use other options at their defaults.


Create a new Policy named Pareto Security. The address should look something like https://niteo.jamfcloud.com/policies.html.

In the General section select Enrollment Complete under Trigger. Go to the Script Section and click Configure.

Select the  Pareto Security script. We now need to enter the team invite link you got when you invited a user from the Pareto Security dashboard.

Under Parameter 4 enter the invite link you received in the mail invite. To generate an invite for Policy you can use any email, and the invite generated can be used for multiple devices. To copy it, follow the link you got in the email, then in step two, copy the link from the button "Open Pareto Security app." The link should start with paretosecurity://.... like in the example below. 

That's it. You then apply the Policy the way you would normally.

Using PKG

  1. Download the latest release from https://github.com/ParetoSecurity/pareto-mac/releases/download/1.7.55/ParetoSecurity.dmg
  2. Before installing, create a file named 'BundledActivation.txt' at the path /Library/Pareto Security/. 
  3. Install Pareto Security with the installer app. 
  4. The file must contain an activation token in the first line, starting with eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJSUzUxMiJ9.

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